Anybody can take the training, and has the right to buy this course. The training is a step towards preventing and avoiding sexual misconduct and other forms of discrimination.

Yes, you will have to finish it in one sitting but you can take breaks whenever you want.  Ideally the course should take up 75 minutes, but we give a 1 week window to everyone after the registration and payment period to take the course.   After you begin the course, you will have access to the course content for 3 hours, in which you are expected to complete everything (ideally takes 75 minutes but you have 180 minutes).

The training shall educate you on the topics that need attention from the society.   The training shall help you learn more about sexual assault, teach you self defence, and even describe other factors that shall help you stay aware and spread awareness

All you need is an electronic device like a mobile phone, computer, or a tablet/ iPad  with and a stable internet connection to complete the course. The course shall work on both android and apple devices on the browser.

You have a total of 3 attempts to pass and complete the exam.

No, we permit and license only 1 individual per purchase to view and learn from our content.

Yes, you can start immediately after signing up and after the payment has been made.  After the payment has been made, you can login with your username and password and the you will be able to see the course has been added to your account

We only need your name, e-mail, Mobile number, Pin-code, City, State and name of your company/ institution (OPTIONAL).

We offer various courses in different languages, after reading the descriptions and watching the sample video you shall find it easier to decide.  Our SAAP 101 course is a universal one and can be taken by any individual whether a student, employee, or a business owner

You shall get a soft copy of your certificate on the mail provided in the registration details after you successfully finish and pass the final exam.  You shall have your name on the certificate and you can even request for a hard copy (subject to other charges and time duration ).

After the training is fully completed, you shall have the certificate on your mail inside the next 3 days

The certificate shall be valid for minimum 1 year, and maximum 3 depending on the course you have chosen

You shall receive the certificate in a PDF file, which shall be downloadable and you shall be able to save it.